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About Us

With any new project, it’s always a good idea to get multiple bids. Look into recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors.

When you begin the process of finding a contractor here in the Minneapolis area, you’ll likely hear about the team at Grizzly Construction. Our competitive prices, along with our emphasis on excellence in building: these are qualities that have kept us busy with a variety of projects. We wouldn’t have it any other way. As a construction company that works with some of the most reputable subcontractors in the Twin Cities area, we appreciate what’s at stake. Your home represents the investment of a lifetime, after all.  

Don’t shy away from asking questions. The team at Grizzly Construction welcomes your questions. We have a solution for every type of homeowner. 

Whether you require framing services or something even more labor-intensive, Grizzly Construction is up to the task. Whatever stage you’re at as a homeowner, Grizzly’s Construction services stand the test of time, increasing your home’s value. Interior or exterior, a job by Grizzly Construction has the added benefit of making you that much more energy efficient.

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