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Any way you look at it, your roof represents the single most important structure of a home or building, and that’s particularly true here in Minneapolis where winters can be downright punishing. Roofing, done correctly, should last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, depending on the materials.

Roofing that’s done incorrectly,

On the other hand, is especially problematic for homeowners and business owners alike. At Grizzly Construction, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality roofing in the Minneapolis area, just as you would hope with a name like ours. Roofing by Grizzly can stand up to intense weather, such as subzero temperatures, hail, or heavy rainfall. Year after year, roofing done by Grizzly Construction stands the test time.

With competitive prices, Grizzly’s areas of expertise include:

Siding Services

Drywall Services

Framing Services

Roofing Services

Construction Management

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